Knitting bones with fact and fiction: A conversation with Design…

The Design Culture Lab at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand is run by Dr. Anne Galloway, an academic researcher whose inquiry takes the form of texts and photographic documentation, as you might expect of someone originally trained in anthropology. But you might not expect some of the other forms her… » 5/16/14 9:54am 5/16/14 9:54am

​Introducing Abler: All Technology is Assistive Technology

Exoskeletons, 3D printed legs, robotic arms: There's plenty of press for these prosthetic technologies, and for good reason. They're innovative in a splashy way, and they're undeniable feats of engineering. But prosthetics include so much more: high-tech, low-tech, and high-low hybrid assistive and adaptive devices,… » 11/20/13 4:14am 11/20/13 4:14am